The Belongingness Project

The Belongingness Project has been developed in response to a need to find meaningful, relevant and proactive ways of responding to some of the bigger questions on how to address Diverstiy, Transformation, Discipline, Bullying, Ableism, Success.

Because we work in an ever-changing society, and a school reflects this society, the development of this critically important project is of necessity an ongoing initiative and conversation at the school.

Not a week goes by where a new question does not pop up and thus challenges the school to dig deep and respond with wisdom and compassion.

Narrative Practice, the school’s umbrella philosophy, provides a dynamic framework within which we are able to think, discuss and respond in a way that is aligned with our vision of enabling children to become adults who will be the creators and custodians of dignity and justice in the world.

To date, a number of programmes have been developed and are integrated into the children’s Life Orientation Curriculum as well as Staff Development Training. Leadership engages the support of the dynamic teachers and staff and are deeply committed to ensuring that no child, family or member of staff should experience the terrible sense of un-belongingness in this vibrant school community.

- Linda Van Duuren