Web of Care

Our Learning Support Team - also called the Web of Care.

It is through and by this team that every parent, teacher and child is held and supported in the learning journey, emotionally, socially and academically.

Teacher Support Team (TSTeam)

Teachers consult with the TSTeam weekly, where children's portfolios are checked, updated and individual learning plans developed where needed. In this way the personal learning journey is continually evaluated. Parents are seen as valuable partners in this process and often participate in meetings.

Jacqui Aling

Remedial Teacher

Collette Atkins

Remedial Teacher

Leigh Mylrea

Support & Curriculum Specialist

Linda van Duuren

Counsellor & Mentor to Staff & Children

In-house Counselling

We believe supporting children in their emotional and relational journey is vital. Therefore it is expected that all of our teachers are able to counsel the children in their care. We have for many years provided annual ongoing training in the Narrative Approach to counselling which is the umbrella philosophy that covers all practices in the school. Supporting children through challenging times is part of their every day job.

Through counselling sessions we help children to find a better way to relate to each other or respond to whatever struggles they may be facing on a daily basis at school.

In addition to our annual training of staff we have an in-house Narrative Practitioner who mentors and consults with staff. When requested the Narrative Practitioner co-counsels with teachers and conducts whole class discussions.

Counselling is seen as a collaborative endeavour where all staff are invited to support children.

After School & Holiday Care

Aftercare (ASC)

Forres offers an outstanding After Care facility.

This is coordinated by experienced and dedicated After Care staff, who oversee children staying on for lunch, nap time, extra mural activities, and a complete After Care program.

Lunch is outsourced.
•  Snack packs and lunch packs supplied by Fresh@Forres.
•  Prepared off-site in Covid-compliant kitchen, delivered daily at break & lunch time.
•  Fresh organic products are used, low in sugar and no artificial condiments.
•  This is available from pre-school to Grade 7.

Opens: 7:30am Closes: 6pm

Holiday Care

As a service to those parents who need a stimulating and safe environment for their children during the school holidays. Forres has always offered a Holiday Care program. The school designs a handy program of visits to the school by various entertainers, puppet show etc as well as outings to places of recreation and educational interests.